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Christian Gamers Association
Stuff for the better good of the group. 
21st-Mar-2008 01:30 am
Any suggestions for additions to the group interests list? Games you play and/or have played or anything else you think should be there. Also some submissions for the "Websites you should visit" section of the info page would be appreciated too.

21st-Mar-2008 09:01 am (UTC)
I would completely recommend MySpace for online RPGs but the thing is, it's so crazy on there the only ones that I would be willing to suggest are the ones that a few of my friends and I run. We started one called Christians for Narnia and later I discovered that basically what my goal was to create an rp listing of all those who were Christian and roleplaying for Narnia.

Ironically our biggest threat came from all the pagans and athiests (self-proclaimed) who rped in Narnia as well. That led to a huge fight and in the end my friend and I kept to our group and tried helping the younger rpers understand that those guys will do what they want to do so the best thing is to show them brotherly compassion and let them be. But most are kids and they want to be right. My friend and I were hoping for peace for all.

So while I basically gave up with the Christians for Narnia RPG I still maintain one listing, which isn't Christian, but one interesting factoid is that many of the rpers I am encountering on this listing are believers. So it's great because those who may not be comfortable in sharing the good word with others online are being encouraged by those who are. And even a few self-proclaimed pagans have told me that because I am respecting their beliefs they are more willing to let me and my character talk to them about God. And that's what we need right?

Someone told me that ministering in roleplaying is virtually pointless. I personally think that she gave up hope. For me, I see a great opportunity to reach people behind the characters. I care about changing the heart of the character if that means that the person who rps that character wants to change their heart as well. I might add that the self-proclaimed pagan is trying to rp someone who is devoted to God. I'm praying that by doing so that she winds up seeing the truth and coming back over to God.

But the only group I can recommend isn't entirely Christian though I truly pray that one day there will be a great amount of Christian rpers.
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