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24th-Mar-2008 10:31 pm - Poll and survey
How did you get into gaming?

What was the first console video game you played?

What was the first PC game you played?

What was the first role playing game[dice game] you played?

What was the first CCG you played?

What was the first miniatures game you played?

What is your favorite game in each of the above categories?

What type of game is your favorite?

Any suggestions for additions to the group interests list? Games you play and/or have played or anything else you think should be there. Also some submissions for the "Websites you should visit" section of the info page would be appreciated too.

19th-Mar-2008 10:52 pm - Hi
I don't play any of the big online games but I do RP...I like the small self contained games you'll see on Yahoogroups,MSN or ProBoards...usually either TV show based or animal based...most of the other gamers are younger than me in the animal games but it's fun anyway. When I have time...not in many right now.

I also have a Nintendo DS, although I want a Wii badly.
19th-Mar-2008 01:08 pm - Anyone play L5R?...I want to learn.
While at the local gaming store a friend of mine found a whole box of Legend of the Five Rings[L5R] boosters for .50 each. The next week we found some Diamond Edition decks in the bargain bin. So now we've decided to play. He used to play, I never have.

I searched the inter-web for the basic rules and all I can find are errata. Any know of a website that shows how to play for a novice. What does the play area look like? Where do I put my discard pile, where do my attackers go?

A little fyi...the only ccg I've ever played is Magic: The Gathering.

Dice, Cards, and Consoles
3rd-Mar-2008 10:27 pm - Welcome
I play Rifts, Shadowrun, DnD, Magic: The Gathering, Knights of the Old Republic, Elder Scrolls III & IV. What games do you play?

What are your thoughts on Christians playing such games? I've heard of churches out there that have banned parishioners for playing such games. Thoughts, discussion, and more members always welcome.

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